private office system

With the popular open office plans of recent years, we find that private offices are still in need to conduct daily business. Quite often owners, managers and supervisors all require a separate office for more privacy.


Sure has three separate desk designs accompanied by structural and secondary storage units that when combined create a functional work area. All of this of course is coexistent with today's electric and data needs.


Apex office has a clean crisp appearance with the thinner edge of the desk top and the slightly angled open leg. This collection has details and storage specific to Apex, and also offers the connectivity of power and data.

Green Manufacturing

We use NO formaldehyde waterborne wood finishes, along with no added formaldehyde (with recycled content) in all of our panel products.

Design Solutions

Our office systems are highly configurable to work with each space to create a productive environment.

Material Options

Most of our products have the choice of colors, materials and the option to mix and match each to create what works best for you.